Goodfellas Resale Store


Tezel Relocation Information

February 4, 2019 was the last day of operations at 6025 Tezel. As many are aware we were under intense negotiations with the building owner. Unfortunately, neither parties agreed to the new terms. With that said, the business owners of Goodfellas Inc. have decided to part ways and relocate the Tezel store to the 281/Brooke Hollow area. This store is to open in late May 2019.

  1. Current Consignors from Tezel Only under 90 days old. Your contract is still in effect and you will be paid according to the terms of the consignor contract. You may continue to add to your consignment at our De Zavala location.

  2. Consignors that are 90-120 days old from Tezel. Will be paid out balance as of Feb. 4th 2019. Any accumulation after that will be *store credit only.

  3. All consignments from Tezel that are over 120 days old can be used as *store credit only and the contract is considered nulled and void effective Feb. 4th 2019.

  4. All out of season clothing and expired dated clothing was donated to Compass Church (His Way Thrift) per contract terms.

  5. To receive an update on your account please email and you will be contacted within 48 hours. Please note per your original contract only balances of $50 or more are paid out.

  6. You may call the De Zavala location after February 20th when the Tezel computer is reinstalled.

    Once again we want to thank the community of The Great Northwest.

    *-( You may use 50% of your total purchase as credit at any time before 12/1/2019)