Goodfellas Clothing Resale

Fashion is always changing, but Style is forever!

Consignment vs. Cash Buy Out

Cash buy outs are an option. The payout will be between 10%-20% of our selling price depending on condition and demand. Consigning with us will bring you the most money, since the payout percentage received can range from 40%-50% of the selling price. 


What do we accept?

Fall & Winter clothing from August through January

Spring & Summer clothing from February through July

Shoes for Men and Women must come in like new condition

Handbags & Luggage: We do examine for authenticity. 

Jewelry: sterling silver, precious stones, and gold

Clothing must come in hung or neatly folded, clean and freshly laundered. We do apply cleaning fees if needed.

Visit our Designer Tab for a full list 

The Process 

No appointment necessary, but preferred.

Items will be inspected.

Contract will be signed with a copy given and a copy on file in store.

Once items are added into inventory, a full inventory list will be emailed directly.

Consignment period is for 90 days. Consignors have the option to keep account rolling month to month, as long as new items continue to be added every month. 

Account balances can be used as store credit for purchases.

Account pay outs will be issued monthly as items start to sell. In the form of a check.